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Friendly Pet Boundaries LLC is your friendly, local Maryland one-stop-shop for expert electronic pet fencing installations and repair and dog training services. As an exclusive dealer of Pet Stop® electronic pet fencing products, Friendly Pet Boundaries is dedicated to bringing you advanced, high-quality products and unmatched customer service! From the moment you contact us, you will know we care about you and your pets.

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Dog Fencing

Friendly Pet Boundaries is a leading provider of both outdoor and indoor electronic pet containment systems for parts of Maryland. We’ve been installing and servicing electric pet fencing and keeping pets safely and happily contained for over 20 years! As an independent contractor, we can also service ALL BRANDS of electronic pet fencing, including Invisible Fence®, DogWatch®, Dog Guard®, PetSafe®, etc. We are fully committed to keeping your pet safe in your yard. We are confident that through every step we take, from determining the best layout for your yard to training your dog to stay within his new boundaries, you will be pleased with our service!

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Negatives of GPS Location Dog Fence Systems:


Inaccuracy and Unreliability:

GPS signals affected by atmospheric conditions, buildings, and foliage, leading to erratic boundary lines. Inconsistency causing confusion and potential danger for pets.


Signal Delays:

Delay in updating the dog’s location compared to instant physical barriers. Critical situations might suffer due to delayed signals, risking the pet’s safety.


Battery Life and Maintenance:

Reliance on rechargeable batteries with limited lifespan. Risks leaving the pet vulnerable if the battery runs out while outside the designated area, requiring regular maintenance for functionality.

Dog Fence Training

Friendly Pet Boundaries owner, Don Offutt, is a certified dog trainer and a professional member of the IACP. We’re committed to gentle hands-on training (regardless of your pet’s size) to help ensure a safe, fun, and fair learning experience for your pet. When your pet trains with Friendly Pet Boundaries, you can be confident that we’ll treat your pet with the greatest care possible. We don’t call ourselves ‘Friendly Pet Boundaries’ for nothing!

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Pet Stop Logo

Friendly Pet Boundaries chose the Pet Stop® brand of underground, electronic dog and cat fencing because Pet Stop® is committed to the continuous research and development of their electric pet fencing products. By constantly innovating and improving technologies and standards, Pet Stop® has created one of the most advanced pet containment systems in the industry. In addition, all Pet Stop® fence products are Made in the USA from imported components and backed by our quality guarantee.

Invisible Fence® FounderJohn Purtell


Check out the History of The electronic pet fence industry and John Purtell the founded the Invisible Fence brand.


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Current Owner Support

We would like to extend our outstanding customer service to Invisible Fence® customers. Though Friendly Pet Boundaries is not associated with Invisible Fence® we can provide independent support for Invisible Fence®, Dog Watch®, as well as all other hidden electric dog fencing system brands. For Invisible Fence® customers, we also carry Invisible Fence® compatible batteries and Invisible Fence® compatible receivers.

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Preferred Trusted Breeders

Friendly Pet Boundaries Recommends Fox Creek Farm, a leading breeder of Goldendoodles since 1999. https://goldendoodles.net/

Services Areas

We Proudly Serve Howard, Carroll, Frederick, Garrett, Washington Counties in Maryland.

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